Aim and Scope

Chinese characters have been an essential part of East Asian languages. Such countries as Korea, Japan, and Vietnam in East Asia embraced Chinese characters in their writing systems, developing their own ways of using Chinese characters. This cultural phenomenon enabled the commonalities and particularities of East Asian languages and cultures.
International Journal of Chinese Character Studies pays attention to the value of Chinese characters as a common legacy in East Asian languages and cultures and promotes the studies of Chinese characters from various perspectives.
The journal welcomes articles from the below subjects:

•    Studies of Chinese characters in pre-modern and modern periods in East Asia
•    Newly unearthed materials concerning Chinese characters in East Asia and other regions
•    Historical and comparative studies of Chinese character civilization
•    Chinese character-related cultural contents
•    Chinese character education in East Asia and other regions
•    Historical and comparative studies of Sino-Xenic words in East Asian languages
•    Literature in Chinese writing systems in East Asia and other regions

However, the journal will also welcome articles from the subjects that are not listed in the above but relevant to the journal.


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